Directions & Area Lodging

Coalinga Rifle Club is located to the north west of the town of Coalinga, in California’s fertile Central Valley.

To get to the town of Coalinga, exit Interstate 5 at either Highway 198 or Jayne Ave.

If exiting at Jayne, westbound Jayne Ave leads directly to the town. If exiting at 198, use the following route to get to Coalinga:

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Once in the town, you can get to the range by driving west on W Polk St., then turn north on S. Derrick Ave, and make a left turn onto the dirt road when you see the Coalinga Rifle Club sign:

The Gates

Down the dirt road, enroute to the clubhouse, you will encounter two gates, each secured with a chain. On match days, the chain can be unlinked by hand and any competitor can enter. On other days, the second gate must be unlocked with a combination that’s given only to members.

Whether the gates are locked or not, always close them after entering or leaving!

Area Lodging

Coalinga Rifle Club offers affordable camping & RV facilities on-site.

If the visitor decides to stay off-site, we do not recommend any of the hotels in town. Decent hotels of the area are clustered around the intersection of i-5 and Highway 198, including: