About High Power Competition

High Power competition is among the most popular shooting sports in America. All across the country, thousands of matches are held yearly. Each competition season reaches its climax at the national matches at Camp Perry, where the nation’s best shooters vie for the most coveted prizes in American marksmanship.

High Power shooting, by definition, is a position shooting sport using centerfire/fullbore calibers. It is distinct from action shooting (such as IPSC and 3-gun), as well as from rimfire/smallbore shooting, hence the moniker “High Power”.

Within High Power, there are several sub-disciplines:

  • Across-the-course, in which competitors shoot in three positions at 200, 300, and 600 yards.
  • Mid-range, which is prone only and shot at 600 yards.
  • Long-range, which is prone only and shot at 800-1000 yards. This includes Palma shooting, an international long-range discipline with a unique course of fire and more limited caliber restrictions.

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