Palma Championship Results

March 9, 2012

CAPALMA2012This past week (March 1-4, 2012), the Coalinga Rifle Club hosted the California State Palma Championship.  It was a near perfect week of shooting.  The weather could not have been any better.  Randy Pike was in the kitchen every morning fixing breakfast for the hungry shooters – Randy, thanks for all your hard work.  Joe our normal cook was out of town.  Mike took over the BBQ and did an outstanding job, with the help of Linda, Mary, and Karen.  There was quite a battle for the State Palma Championship.  Bob Gill and Rick Curtis both posted a 447 on DAY-1.  Rick had 30 Xs and Bob had 25.  Rick won DAY-1.  DAY-2 was even nicer than DAY-1.  Jed Hudson shot a 448-23X to win DAY-2.  Bob Gill and Rick Curtis both fired a 446.  Bob had 30 Xs and Rick had 27 Xs.  Rick’s 893-57X bested Bob’s 893-55X.  Congratulations to the 2012 California State Palma Champion – Rick Curtis.  John Giles was the High Senior and Peter Church was the High Grand Senior.  Dirk Seeley took the Master Class, Don Klotz the Expert Class, and Peter White the F-Class.
Check out the attachment for all the scores from the Club Match, Team Match, and State Championship.  April will be the State Service Rifle Championship and the new State Individual Trophy Match.  The match programs for these matches are also attachments.  Thankyou for your support of the Coalinga Rifle Club and the California Rifle and Pistol Association.  See you at the range.  Jim O’Connell

Fullbore Championship

March 9, 2012

cafb2012The California State Fullbore Championship 2012 was held this past week (February 23-27, 2012) at the Coalinga rifle range. The weather was quite nice for a late February match. The majority of the days were quite pleasant and except for the 17 minutes of wind at the 900/1000 yard lines on Thursday the winds were agreeable. The 2012 California State Fullbore Champion was Bob Gill. Bob won Day-1 with a 595-26X and was able to hold off Lane Buxton on Day-2. Noma Mayo shot a 400-21X to win Day-2 and the High Senior award. Jerry Pullens led the way for the old timers winning the High Grand Senior award. There was a tight race in the Master Class with Randy Pike coming on strong in Day-2 to win the 1st Master award. Ken Doll took the 1st Expert and Mark Gravitt led the way in the ‘F’ Class. Joe was out of town and Mike did a great job of the Saturday BBQ. Randy filled in as short order cook for breakfast and kept the masses happy in the morning. Check out the attachment for all the scores. The California State Palma Championship will be this week (March 3-6). Hope to see you at the range. Jim OConnell

Mid State Regional Results

October 12, 2011

Congratulations to Sagen Maddalena winning the Regional and to Jared Perry for winning the Leg Match.  Morgan Owen and Ron Whittington earned Leg points on Sunday.  As always Joe and Linda Oman did a fantastic job on the BBQ.  Thanks to Wayne Fenner for running the line and to Jim Oconnell for running the match.  Dirk


June match results

June 21, 2011

We had a good turnout this past weekend.  On Saturday the conditions for the 3X600 were a bit tricky with multiple wind changes.  Peter White finished with a 597-38 shooting F class open.  Kyle Machalowski was first Marksman with a 483-2.  Marine Reservist Ed Espinoza was first Sharpshooter with a 575-15.  Mike Barranco was the high Expert finishing with a 579-15 nine points ahead of Junior Kasey Nelson in second place.  Charlie Machalowski easily won the Master class with a score of 586-25.  The High Master class Robert Taylor finished in second place shooting a 579-16 behind Jim Oconnell with a 585-16.  Not to be outdone Bob Gill shot a 597-25 to win the match by a substantial margin.

Sundays Across the Course match started out calm with the winds steadily increasing, by the last relay at 600 conditions were  “interesting” to say the least.  In the Marksman Class Kyle Machalowski again finished in first place with a 706-6 edging out fellow Junior Jake Nelson by one point.  Junior Lane Ichord won the Expert class shooting a Master score of 764-16.  In the Master class Mike and Mike (Miller and Barranco) battled it out both shooting a 769 with Miller edging out Barranco with a 23 X count compared to Barranco with a 19 X, Dirk Seeley rounded things out finishing 3rd with a 760-19.  The tough conditions at 600 were reflected in the scores (except for Bob Gill who went ahead and shot a 197 anyway) Jim Oconnell was first High Master with a 769-20.  Junior sensation Sagen Madalena showed the rest of us how it’s done easily winning the match with a 777-24.

Remember that there are no club matches in July and August since the Coalinga team will be training and leaving for the National Matches.  Hopefully we will see a repeat of the turnout in September as competitors gear up for the Regional Championship the first weekend in October.scan0001scan0001

May club match

May 24, 2011

Conditions were challenging this past weekend particularly at 600 yards.  We had competitors come from as far south as Ridgecrest and the LA area and as far north as Richmond.  On Saturday even though scores were low due to the switching wind Bob Gill won by a substantial margin.  Junior Steve Magdaleno easily won the combined EX/SS/MK class, keep at it Steve.  Eric Flaten won the F Class competion.

Sunday started out calm but by 300 yards the wind was switching back and forth.  Bob Gill was again the match winner.  Tony Chow was not far behind and his score should move him into the High Master class, congratulations Tony.  There were some competitors we have not seen in a while on Sunday, Pat Ayers and Brad Hill from Bakersfield.  Brad’s son helped out by pulling targets since we were short one person to make the relays even.

We had to post the scores by hand as the club computer was stolen in a break in last week.  In June the matches will be on the 18th and 19th I hope to see you all there.

3X600 May 21

State High Power results

May 17, 2011

We had some nice weather for the 2011 California State Highpower Rifle Championship.  The attachments contain all the individual results.  CAHP2011 is a summary of the State Championship.  CAHP2011CLUB is the Club Match.  CAHP2011LEG is the Sunday individual and Leg match.  CAHP2011M1 – CAHP2011M5 are the five matches of the State Championship.  The winner of the California Bear Trophy was Jared Perry who led all competitors with a 790-34X.  Sagen Maddalena took both the High Woman and the High Junior with a 780-30X.  Jim OConnell was the High Senior 787-31X  In the Sunday Leg Match Lane Buxton was the Match Winner picking up a Silver Medal and 8 points, which earned Lane his Distinguished Marksman Badge – Congratulations Lane.  Sagen Maddalena was Third for a Bronze Medal and 6 points – Sagen is now a head hunter.  Roberrt Taylor placed second in the Leg Match and was the Match Winner of the Individual Match.  Thanks again to Joe, Linda, Mike, and Mary for the great BBQ.  The next big Match at Coalinga will be the High Power Regional the first weekend in October followed by the Long Range Regional the last weekend in October and then the State Long Range Championship the first weekend in November.  The First weekend in July will be the California State Highpower 100 yard Championship & Dean Alley Memorial Match at the Mother Lode Gun Club (for information contact Connie Taylor – or Robert Taylor at ).  Camp Perry and the 2011 Nationals will be here before you know it – best wishes and good shooting to all those who are planning on attending.  See you at the range.  Jim O’Connell 

April club matches

April 20, 2011

Match ResultsThe turnout was light especially considering the nice weather we had this past weekend.  On Saturday we had two new F Class shooters who made the trip all the way from Ridgecrest.  Dirk Seeley finished on top of the iron sight shooters and Geoff Campbell took the honors in F Class.

On Sunday Tony Chow (the creator of this website)  made the trip up from the LA area to take top honors shooting a 783-19X.  Steve Quinn was plagued with rifle troubles while Alex Takaoka who made the trip down from the SF area had ammo problems.

The results of the matches this past weekend are attached.

Remember to get your entries in for the State High Power Championship May 6,7&8.


2011 Service Rifle Championship

April 7, 2011

The wet winter gave way to a great weekend for the California State Service Rifle Championship. Joe and Linda did a superb job on the BBQ. There were even leftovers for a tri-tip sandwich on Sunday. There was a good turnout for the Club Match on Friday (45 shooters). Robert Taylor was in good form as he posted a 788-32X to win the Club Match. Sagen Maddalena was also in the 80’s as she posted a 781-23X to take 1st High Master. Owen Devereaux (from Nevada) took 1st Master 774-14X. Lane Ichord, one of the Juniors, was firing in his first across the course full distance match as he took 1st Expert 770-18X. Eric Anninger was 1st Sharpshooter with a 733-10X. Saturday the morning sky was a little gray as the sun began to rise into the sky. Little did anyone realize that hidden from view within that cloud of dust coming up the road was the 2011 State Service Rifle Champion. It was hard to believe that such a big man could fit in such a small car. But as it rolled to a stop he emerged. There in plane sight was CHAD KURGAN – soon to be STATE CHAMPION. And sure enough as the sun was setting in the West Chad (after posting a 790-25X) was climbing back into that little car heading back home. Only this time he had a little company – a California State Champion Bear Trophy. Congratulations to Chad Kurgan and may this be the first of many Bear Trophies to come. Chad was not the only winner this weekend, Sagen Maddalena posted a 774-17X to earn top honors as High Woman and High Junior. Paul Shumway took High Senior 770-16. Sunday brought on the Leg Match and a chance to earn points toward that sought after Distinguished Rifle Badge. There were 45 non-distinguished shooters (4 medals – 1 gold – 1 silver – 2 bronze). The top three honors went to Joel Sylvia (Match Winner), Robert Taylor, and Tony Chow. Medals are only awarded to Non-Distinguished shooters. Tony Chow won the Gold, Josh Mauss won the Silver, Sagen Maddalena won a Bronze, and Charlie Machalowski won a Bronze. This Bronze Medal gave Charlie the 30 points necessary to earn a Distinguished Rifle Badge – Congratulations Charlie. Check out the attachment for all the scores and details. I would like to thank you all for your support of the Colinga Rifle Club. Remember the State Hihgpower Rifle Match is May 6-8. All you prone shooters the Fresno Club is having a shoot 28-30 May – BBQ on Saturday. Shoot includes a 2-Man Team Match, Individual at 300, 600, and 800, and a 3X600. More information to follow. Periodically check out the Coalinga Rifle Club’s Website – to stay abreast of upcoming matches…..See you at the range….Jim O’Connell

Match Results: CSSR2011AGG

2010 California Long Range State Championship Results

November 11, 2010

Congratulations to Jerry Tierney and Trevor Hengehold the two State Champions (F Class and Highpower). Check out the attachment for all the scores. Jerry posted some good scores on Sunday to come from behind for his victory. Trevor started out in front and never looked back. Good shooting to you both and I hope you can find a nice spot to display you Bears. Jerry, you better keep it out of reach your dog. This was the last of the Big Coalinga matches for 2010. We get started early in 2011 with the State Fullbore (26-27 Feb) and the State Palma (5-6 Mar). We are planning on having F Class champions at all the State prone Championships (Fullbore, Palma, and Long Range) in 2011. I will be sending out match programs right after New Years. Jim O’ConnellCASTLR2010

2010 Bill Chapman Memorial Long Range Regional Championship Results

November 1, 2010

The Bill Chapman Memorial Long Range Regional Championship was held at Coalinga this past weekend (29-31 October). Friday was a pleasant day with light winds and warm temperatures and some good scores were fired during the Club Match. Steve Raeder took the ‘F’ Class 389-11, John Giles was 1st Master 388-13, Jim Gaines was 1st High Master 388-8, and Bob Gill walked away with the Match Winner 398-20 (good shooting Bob). On Friday night the wind came with a vengeance along with some rain and things were looking pretty grim, but by sunrise everything settled down to a very nice weekend. On Saturday we shot three strings of Any/Iron and once again Bob Gill was leading the pack with 586-25 followed closely by Allen Thomas 1st Master 582-19. On Sunday it was another nice day as we fired two strings of Any/Any. By the time the dust had settled the Lehn boys were the talk of the range. Josh Lehn (one of our California Grizzly Juniors – how can you call anyone that big a junior?) won the Bronze Medal with a 966-28. Allen Thomas took the Silver Medal 971-35. The big winner was Richard Lehn who fired a 397-17 on Sunday to win the Gold Medal 973-40. The ‘F’ Class shooters did a good job hitting the spotters and knocking out spindles. Brenda Hill fire a 200-9 in one of the strings to set a new Woman’s National Record. Ted Conway took the Bronze 945-17, Peter White the Silver 965-29, and Brenda Hill won the Gold 971-26. Check out the attachment for all the scores. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the shooters for your support of the Coalinga Rifle Club. Don’t forget the California State Long Range Championship is this weekend (4-6 November). See you at the range……..Jim O’Connell
2010 Bill Chapman Memorial Long Range Regional Championship Results