Trap Shoots

Trap Shoots EVERY THURSDAY @ 5PM Will Woodbridge (559-930-5292)



We will be holding a Tri City Trap League on the first Sunday of every month starting in April 2017 and ending in March 2018. Shooters will rotate between Coalinga Rifle Club, Kings County sportsman’s club, and Avenal Gun Club. Each shoot will consist of ten rounds starting at 10 AM. Any additional rounds shot will not be counted toward league scores. The additional rounds will be pot shoots only. Each round will be $4.00

Shooters will be shooting for buckets in addition to half the pot. There will be two categories. High Overall & High Women.

We will be shooting as individuals only. There is no sign-up. after each round you when,  you will be given a stub with your name and the $ amount won. Each round you win earns you A Point. Their will be no ties. Shooters will shoot until there is only one winner. At the end of 10 rounds turn in your stub(s) to collect your winnings and make sure that your points are recorded. If you believe and error in your points has it occurred, you must say so at that time.

*Shooters will shoot store bought factory shells ONLY. No reloads. The only acceptable store bought factory shells are #7 1/2’s, #8′ and #9’s. 1300FPS max.

Shooters will not be allowed to use their pockets to hold shells or empty’s. You must use a shell pouch or vest. Shooters winning a round will automatically hand their shooting pouch or vest over to the appointed Inspector(s) to have it checked for unauthorized shells. If at ANY time, you are asked to surrender your pouch or vest for inspection, you are required to do so. Any shooter in possession of unauthorized shells on their person during the league shoots will automatically be disqualified from winning any league prizes. The point & pot will go to the 2nd to last shooter(s) in that round. Current standings will be posted at the start of each monthly shoot.

If a shooter overshoots during a regular shoot, they are out. During a chip shoot, only one shot after the break. The shooter shooting the second shot after the break will be considered overshooting and be out. Any shooter that shoots out of turn is out.


April 2           Avenal Gun Club

May 7             Kings Co Sportsman’s Club

June 4            Coalinga Rifle Club

July 2             Avenal Gun Club

August 6        Kings Co Sportsman’s Club

September 3  Coalinga Rifle Club

October 1        Avenal Gun Club

November 5    Kings Co Sportsman’s Club

December 3     Coalinga Rifle Club


January 7         Coalinga Rifle Club

February 4        Kings Co Sportsman’s Club

March 4              Avenal Gun Club

More information to come.