Range Safety Officer for Coalinga Rifle Club

Range safety officers for Coalinga Rifle Club (CRC)

To help keep the range safe and to see that all members are following the rules.

Mike Wilson:                 Chief RSO

Ralph Garcia:                 RSO,NRA, Firearm Safety DOJ, Trap

Steve Jorgens:                 RSO, NRA

Will Woodbridge:            RSO NRA, Trap, Turkey Shoot

Kim Woodbridge:             RSO, NRA, Trap

Gary Rosales:                    RSO,NRA

Jim O’ Connell:                  RSO, High Power

Dirk Seeley:                        RSO, High Power

Steve Quinn:                       RSO, High Power

Tim Braly:                           RSO, Trap

Chris Chaney:                      JR Trap

Sean Young:                       RSO, NRA, Firearm Safety DOJ, Coalinga PD training RSO.

Vincent Lozano:                 RSO, NRA, Firearm SafetyDOJ, CDC RSO, JR Pheasant Hunt RSO

Dave Woodbridge:             RSO, JR Pheasant Hunt

Thank you to everybody that helps keep our Range Safe…….